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Harvard Council on Business is a student organization who works with early-stage startups and established organizations locally and nationally to achieve their strategic intent, grow their bottom line, and innovate both as businesses as well as socially conscious ventures.
    For Companies
Strategy Consulting Services
We believe that working with and through companies in the clean space catalyzes change most efficiently, while also providing students with the necessary skills to become business leaders. We provide our clients with teams of creative, intelligent, and passonate students ready to tackle and learn from firms' most challenging strategic issues. We strive to demonstrate to students and the public alike that business success and corporate sustainability go hand in hand.
        For Students
Skill Development and Real World Impact
Every fall and spring, students have the opportunity to staff or lead 10-week consulting projects with local start-ups, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. CBE provides on-site training and mentorship, allowing students to hone their analytical abilities while directly applying their skills to developing a start-up in the clean space.  Students will learn about strategy consulting, sustainability and energy issues, and business development.
        For the Public
Learn to Strike the Balance
CBE is proud to invite the public to our speaker series "The Business of the Environment: Exploring Dimensions of Corporate Sustainability" on Harvard's campus, which engages such topics as green entreneurhsip, energy finance, accelerator and incubator options, green consulting, the cleanweb, and the evolving energy landscape. Check back for upcoming schedule.



Our past clients span a great diversity of start-ups and established companies in various industries and sectors. Some of our past and
current clients are:






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